Device Pool

Automatically replay your recorded test flows across dozens of devices in the cloud.

Ensure your app works for everyone

Device Pool includes dozens of iOS and Android devices configured with current and legacy operating system versions.

Need to check quality on older Android devices? No an issue. Want to ensure pixel perfection on the latest iPhone? Go for it. Device Pool scales from 1 to 100 devices - at the click at button.

A visual representation of different device replaying a test recording
A stack of different devices

Real and virtual devices

Device pool is made up from Android Emulators, iOS Simulators and Android Real Devices. iOS Real Devices are coming in Q4 2023.

Fully replicate user flows with complex interactions such as geolocation. Use virtual devices for fast results and real devices for more in-depth testing.

Moropo results appear inside a GitHub Pull Request

Trigger replays directly from GitHub

Use Moropo’s quick and easy GitHub integration to re-run test flows every time your app codes changes.

Developers see test feedback within minutes directly on their Pull Request without needing to leave the GitHub UI.

Ready to see it in action?