Quickly record and upload test flows for your React Native app using the Moropo Recorder.

Record your manual tests

Recorder allows you to capture test flows directly from you app using a floating overlay. Simply press record and perform each interaction as usual.

Have lots of app features? No problem. Whether your flow is a simple log in form or a sophisticated mapping system, Recorder captures it all.

No more coded test scripts

Moropo Recorder is fully no-code - so every team member gets a seat at the quality assurance table regardless of technical ability.

Busy dev team? Ambitious roadmap? Let your engineers focus on high-value bugs and features instead endless test script maintenance.

Easy test flow management

Use the web dashboard to view and organise every flow. See who uploaded which recordings and when they were last replayed.

Does your app have features that depend on other flows (such as log in) occurring first? Easily configure one or more dependencies for each flow and avoid repeated effort.

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