Effortless UI testing for React Native apps

Save 55 minutes for every hour spent manual testing.
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Mock up for Moropo Test Recorder

Seamlessly create automated test flows.

Our recorder allows you to capture fully functional user flows without needing to code. Quickly build, edit  and validate your tests flows.

Mock up of Moropo Device Pool

Quickly test your app on dozens of devices.

Moropo's Device Pool allows you to automatically replay your flows across 100+ iOS and Android devices.

Screenshot of Moropo Issue Explorer

Catch every bug before you release.

Every replay generates video, screenshots and test reports in the Issue Explorer. Compare side-by-side with your baseline and highlight bug details for your team.

Moropo has given us everything we need to automate our testing with no messy config and no complex scripting.

Our team used to be slowed down by QA processes, since we adopted Moropo they are free to focus on high value work.
Alex Evans
Project Manager
@ Morrow Digital

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