Busy app dev agency saves
20 hours a week

This Customer Story explores how Morrow Digital streamlined their app testing workflow

The leadership team at Morrow Digital

A busy software agency

Morrow Digital is a React Native app development agency specializing in early-stage SaaS and bespoke cross-platform software. With multiple ongoing client projects, they faced challenges in efficient app testing across various devices, platforms, and screen sizes. Manual testing was time-consuming, resource-intensive, prone to human errors, and delayed releases.

An automated solution

After trying Moropo's free tier, Morrow Digital adopted the testing platform to address QA bottlenecks. Alex Evans, Director of Delivery, said:

"Moropo transformed our testing process, saving 20 hours per week of manual effort, freeing up key team members to focus on crucial strategic work."

Morrow Digital are benefitting from:

Results with clear ROI

Oliver Edis, Managing Director at Morrow Digital, noted:

"Moropo's partnership accelerated our app development cycles, saving time and enhancing user experiences."

Build reliable UI tests in minutes

Prevent bugs forever.