Find bugs and UX issues
before your users

Use Issue Explorer to review and compare videos, screenshots and logs from every test run

Debug you app from every angle

One: video playback

Play, rewind and download every second of every test run using Moropo's video playback functionality.

Two: capture every pixel

Snap and review key moments in your test flow using Moropo's screenshot timeline tool.

Three: go deeper with logs

Dive into test run logs - or even logcat downloads - to get technical data on complex issues.

Four: compare across devices

Quickly switch between devices and operating system versions to see how your app performs in a range of conditions.

Five: pass and fail notifications

Instant notifications via Slack and clear green/red status messages ensure the whole team is always up-to-date.

Involve the whole team
Easily share results to your team with unlimited users for every account.
Quickly dig into each step using the built-in log viewer.
Visually obvious
No more jargon-heavy PDFs, Moropo's video playback is accessible to non-tech users.
See results in Slack
Get live updates on insightful test run data straight into your team channel.
Downloads not required
See your entire history of results without ever leaving your browser.
CI Workflows
Want to block a pull request merge on test failure? Connect using integrations.

Test Creator:
A test builder that drives productivity

Unstable test automation is locking up your precious engineering time. Moropo Test Creator empowers your whole team to create and edit tests without complex local set up.

Test Runner:
QA that runs on
your schedule

Trigger via recurring events, automated API calls or just plain-old press-the-button. With dozens of iOS and Android devices available. Moropo's Test Runner executes your tests whenever and wherever you want.

Build reliable UI tests in minutes

Prevent bugs forever.