Intelligently trigger tests
across dozens of devices

Use Test Runner to execute UI tests on iOS and Android virtual devices automatically from schedules, CI and webhooks

5 ways to power up your QA workflow

One: granular test control

Select exactly which tests to run as part of your manual or auto-triggered test run.

Two: use the latest builds

Moropo automatically tests new Android and iOS builds as they become available via CI, over-the-air push or manual upload.

Three: leverage dozens of devices

Run your tests across an array of iOS simulators and Android emulators, including different screen sizes and OS versions.

Four: connect your build system

Trigger tests from pull requests and branch merges via GitHub or any script using our simple webhook API,

Five: run on schedule

Set up recurring test runs to ensure your published app works and continues to work into the future.

No flakiness
Moropo automatically retries failed tests to ensure no flakiness.
Expo Updates
Using React Native? Pass Moropo your Expo release URL and skip the binary build stage.
Custom webhooks
Moropo's simple API lets you upload builds and trigger tests from anywhere.
Connect Moropo to GitHub in minutes and trigger smoke tests for every Pull Request.
Access email
Test email validation, one-time-passes and more using dynamic variables.
Connect with Google Play Store to simulate subscriptions and other IAPs.

Test Creator:
A test builder that drives productivity

Unstable test automation is locking up your precious engineering time. Moropo Test Creator empowers your whole team to create and edit tests without complex local set up.

Issue Explorer:
Bug reports that show, not just tell

Moropo's Issue Explorer gives you the screenshots, videos and logs you need to see exactly what's working and what's not. Compare results across test runs, review technical data and capture every bug before you release to production.

Build reliable UI tests in minutes

Prevent bugs forever.