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Our company

High-calibre apps are more crucial than ever for engaging digital audiences and driving growth. But rising user expectations and a fast-moving tech landscape make delivering quality experiences challenging and costly.

That's why we're here. Forward-thinking teams use our app testing platform to deliver better-built software. And with Moropo: quality is achieved using a leaner, more productive and more diverse workforce than ever before.

The test automation problem

A lack of innovation from Google and Apple has forced mobile engineers to break away from official ecosystems, giving us powerful community-led app creation frameworks such as React Native, Expo and Flutter.

Unfortunately, test automation has failed to keep pace. Testers must choose between two poor options: script-based open-source libraries that alienate non-tech users or bloated no-code systems that lock you into costly subscriptions.

The third way

Moropo's approach is different. Our engineer-friendly test scripts use Maestro, an open-source format, allowing effortless import and export from community-built tools and projects.

But we've built a low-code platform that enables that open-source standard to be used by anyone regardless of technical ability. Moropo's intuitive Test Creator, sophisticated Test Runner and visual Issue Explorer give teams everything they need to test more with less.

Made in Bristol, for the whole world

Bristol is home to the UK's brightest tech ecosystem outside of London, giving birth to tech mainstays such as Ultraleap and Huboo. With over £300k in Innovate UK Smart Grant funding and award-winning governance from SETsquared Bristol, Moropo is proud to be flying the flag for British innovation.

However, app quality is a global issue, and Moropo's solutions appeal worldwide. An international team of specialists and advisors support our Bristol office and helps to deliver our platform to audiences across North America and Europe.

Leadership team

Tom Riglar · CEO & co-founder

Tom is a tech entrepreneur that excels at joining the dots between sales, marketing and product. After a career building software for the likes of BBC, Vodafone and Cutover, he co-founded and exited Morrow, an app development agency. Follow Tom on LinkedIn.

Charles Killer · CTO & co-founder

Charles is a full-stack engineer and innovator with a track record for developing tech-heavy SaaS products. As a Morrow co-founder, he's led dozens of projects, including apps for Kura, Food Ready, Ownable and Sole Retriever.

Tobias Burgess · Product Lead

Tobias is a process-focused integrator and system architect. He orchestrates Moropo's product team, ensuring we build robust and relevant solutions. Previously he led software implementation at Siemens, Thales and even Congo's Virunga National Park.

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