Build mobile UI tests
in minutes

Use Test Creator to quickly add, edit and validate each step in your app's critical user flows

No-code UI automation in 5 easy steps

One: add any action

From simple "tap on" to complex geolocation mocking, Moropo automates every action you need to mimic your user's behaviour.

Two: instant replay

Immediately validate any step using live interaction on cloud-hosted Android and iOS virtual devices.

Three: access app hierarchy

Grab IDs, text, accessibility data, and coordinates directly from the inspector to use within your steps.

Four: edit, reorder and delete

Keeping your tests up-to-date is easier than ever with drag-and-drop reordering, step removal and variable editing.

Five: switch into script mode

Prefer code? Instantly swap into script mode to edit, import or export the underlying open-source Maestro YAML.

Guarantee that text and elements render correctly using UI assertions.
Spoof app latitude, longitude and even mock travelling.
Randomise Inputs
Generate fake names, email addresses and more to mimic user input.
Connect with Google Play Store to simulate subscriptions and other IAPs. Watch video tutorial.
Access email
Test email validation, one-time-passes and more using dynamic variables.
Embed JS snippets to call webhooks or implement custom logic.

Test Runner:
QA that runs on
your schedule

Trigger via recurring events, automated API calls or just plain-old press-the-button. With dozens of iOS and Android devices available. Moropo's Test Runner executes your tests whenever and wherever you want.

Issue Explorer:
Bug reports that show, not just tell

Moropo's Issue Explorer gives you the screenshots, videos and logs you need to see exactly what's working and what's not. Compare results across test runs, review technical data and capture every bug before you release to production.

Build reliable UI tests in minutes

Prevent bugs forever.