Moropo August Product Round-up

On Monday (14th August), we opened up Moropo to waitlist members. And we're now also available for new users: sign up here for a free account.

We've released some game-changing features this month. Let's dive in. 👇

Test Creator ⭐️

Test Creator combines an Android cloud emulator with an intuitive no-code test script editor to build tests quickly and easily. Best of all, you can do this from the browser, with no local install required.

Interactively create your test flows and see them happen live on the Android emulator (iOS support shipping in September). 

Build new UI tests in minutes

GitHub Action ⚙️

Want to trigger a Moropo test run from a GitHub Pull Request or branch merge? Now you can using our new GitHub Action. Bonus: we've included first-class support for Expo publishes, so React Native users can execute their tests without waiting for a binary build. Read the docs.

Publicly available via the GitHub Action Marketplace

Webhook Trigger 🕸️

Start a new test run from any system using Moropo's no-nonsense webhook approach. Register the workflow in Moropo, and off you go. Read the docs.

Simple trigger via CURL

Google Play Support 🛍️

Are you working with in-app purchases such as subscriptions? Paid plans now include the option to use a Google Play-enabled emulator. Leverage Google's IAP testing APIs to mimic the creation and cancellation of purchases automatically. Ensure your app responds seamlessly to each test case and assert the correct responses using Moropo. 

Opt for an emulator with Google Play Support (paid plans only)

Better Slack Messages 💬

Are you using Moropo's Slack integration? You'll now see live updates as a test run progresses. This includes the number of tests that have passed or failed, device information and platform details. All without needing to leave Slack.

Slack will now update live as test results arrive

Duplicate a Test 📃

Want to make a new test from an existing one? Press the duplicate button to copy existing test steps into a new test. Simply but helpful.

The team is here 12 hours a day, five days a week, to help and support you. Reach out any time via

Happy testing 📱

Tom Riglar
Aug 18, 2023

Build reliable UI tests in minutes

Prevent bugs forever.