Moropo Enters Early Access

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Moropo has entered early access with backing from our partners Innovate UK and SETsquared Bristol.

App testing was broken

Over the past decade, the mobile ecosystem has progressed astonishingly. New frameworks such as React Native and Flutter have changed how we build and deploy our mobile applications. Unfortunately, testing has failed to keep pace. As a result, mobile QA tooling is frustrating for developers and inaccessible for non-technical team members.

As founders, we experienced this directly whilst running Morrow, our app development agency. Too often, product managers, UI designers and founders are excluded from the testing workflow, resulting in off-spec products shipped to the app stores. When we reached out to the app development community, it became clear that this problem was widespread.

A big first step

We founded Moropo to make automated app testing effortless and accessible to all. Our mission is to empower customer-focused teams to build better apps - without spending 100s of hours on repetitive manual testing or configuring bespoke automation systems.

Our first task was to allow our users to create and run automated tests using real devices. Devices - as opposed to iOS simulators and Android emulators - accurately reflect the user's experience and are essential for real testing scenarios. This ability to author and run real device tests is critical to a successful testing strategy. I'm pleased to say this functionality exists on Moropo today.

Get onboard for Early Access

After positive feedback from our testing partners, we're ready to open Moropo for Early Access to React Native-based apps. This programme is limited to 10 places and includes first-class enterprise support to help set up and manage your tests. Email to get involved.

Finally, I'd like to thank Innovate UK for backing this project and the Moropo team for making fantastic progress to get us here.

Tom Riglar
Feb 15, 2023

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