Moropo June Release

Huge performance improvements, smarter ways to run tests and less waiting. June was another huge month as Moropo gears up for launch this summer.

Let's explore... 👇

📅 Scheduled Test Runs

Need nightly, daily or hourly test runs? Moropo's new scheduled test run feature lets you flexibly configure recurring test runs directly from the dashboard. No need to mess around with complex cron configurations, simply press "new test run" and plugin your scheduled option.

✅ Maestro YAML Validation

If you're working with Maestro scripts then you've probably ran into issues where incorrect syntax has broken you tests. Not any more.

Moropo's Maestro script editor will now automatically validate and error scripts, making it quicker and easier to fix syntax issues.

⚡️ Live Validation Streaming

We've also shipped an experimental feature to live stream results for validation test runs directly back into the test creation screen for Android and iOS test runs. The startup time means you need to wait around 60 seconds to get results, so this is only really helpful for longer test runs. Our upcoming live editing feature will resolve this wait time. Until then, please enjoy the faster feedback times!

🚀 2x Android Results Speed Increase

Our new Android emulator cloud service is fully scalable. We can go from 1 test run to 1000s of test runs in seconds.

However, it was always that quick to process the test runs with a typical run now taking 50% less time.

As a result, in some cases we're now reporting results in under 3 minutes for full test suite.

📱 Bundle ID in App Settings

Simple + helpful.

🎨 Colour Improvements

We've been going through our UI with a fine tooth comb and refining all colour selection for consistency. We're trying to tread the line between functional and attractive. Your feedback in always welcome.

🐛 Bug fixes

We shipped over 40 bug fixes in the last 4 weeks alone. Moropo is more stable than any point in history as we shape up for launch.

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Tom Riglar
Jun 23, 2023

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