Moropo May Release

Test faster, get better results and improve QA reliability. That and more in Moropo's May release.

Let's get stuck in 👇

⚙️ Per app integrations

Connect each of your apps to each integration on an app-by-app basis.

✏️ Nested test flows

Create and run nested sub-flows directly in the Moropo dashboard. Want to encapsulate repetitive user journeys such as login? Simply create a sub-flow and reference it in your other tests.

🗒️ View test run logs

Investigating a failed run? Moropo now shows your test run flows logs directly in the UI. Quickly switch between logs and screenshots to identify errors and issues. If your run was on Android, you can also download the logcat files.

📧 Instant email validation

Moropo now injects a special email address into your flow which can be used to send and parse email to the device under test. See the below example from our Early Access partner Swyf.

➿ Auto retry

Moropo will automatically counteract test flakiness caused by tooling issues by re-running a failed test up to 3 times. This improves confidence in the toolset, so when a test failure occurs, you can be reassured that it's the real deal and allocate time to investigate it.

📥 Better Slack messages

Our Slack bot now posts results directly into the channel, negating the need to open Moropo for each test run.

🧙 Test run trigger wizard

Launching a new manual test run is quicker and easier than ever with the new launch flow wizard. Seamlessly choose and review your options across builds, devices and tests.

🐛 Bug fixes

Over the last month we've shipped over 50 bug fixes and improvements tickets. As we near our self-serve launch date, Moropo is becoming easier to use and more reliable than ever.

Tom Riglar
May 25, 2023

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