Moropo April Release

Back in February, we opened Moropo's Early Access programme - big thanks to all of you who participated. The programme is now closed to new subscribers whilst we focus on the current cohort and ramp up to launch self-service this summer.

Missed out on Early Access? Join the wait list for early previews and be first to hear when we launch.

It's April - and time for a whole new release! Let's get stuck in 👇

💻 In Browser Script Editing

Create, edit and validate your test scripts in the browser without needing CLI setup or downloading test editors.

📲 Virtual Device Pool

Get faster and more reliable results using the iOS Simulators and Android Emulators in the Moropo Device Pool. Real devices are now deprecated until Q4 2023 in favour of virtual devices.

🕰️ Recurring Tests Runs (Alpha)

Want to schedule a nightly test run? Or once every Monday morning? Moropo's recurring test run functionality allows you to schedule tests using industry-standard cron patterns.

📂 Enhanced GitHub Integration

Moropo's GitHub integration now works at an organisation and repository level. So connect your account at an organisation level and map individual repos to each app in your Moropo account.

📄 Import from Maestro YAML

Moropo can now read Maestro YAML directly. Already built a test suite in Maestro scripts but want to use Moropo's more comprehensive feature set? Upload your existing scripts using the importer.

🕵🏾 Baseline Results Comparison

Every new test run shows your results next to the original test run (or baseline), so it's easy to identify visual bugs and UI render issues without switching between screens.

🐛 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • More consistent behaviour when swapping between apps
  • More accurate and responsive status updates for in-progress test runs
  • Script validation now occurs on a Pixel 6 as the default
  • More robust test script validation
  • Fixed an issue where test deletion wasn't working for some use cases
  • Moropo now remembers which app you were testing last and returns to it when you re-enter the UI

Upgrading to latest version

Existing Early Access subscribers are automatically upgraded, and all tests and data are backwards compatible. If you encounter any issues, contact your dedicated account manager, who will gladly help.

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