Moropo July Release

Observant followers of Moropo will have noticed there are a lot fewer features to announce this month compared with our last release announcement in June.

Has Moropo's development slowed down? Absolutely not, we're more productive than ever and our team has shipped a whopping 212 features, bug fixes and improvements in the last 4 weeks alone.

As we approach the launch, our focus has changed. We now spend most of our time working on stability improvements and fixes.

We only have two major features left to release: Test Creator and Webhook Triggers. These two pieces of functionality are the most requested by Early Access users and will unlock the true power of Moropo.

More on those next month. Let's dig into July's updates.

📹️ 3+ min Android video duration

Due to underlying restrictions in Android Emulators, many test runners will only provide up to 3 minutes of screen recording. Moropo has overcome this restriction and will automatically record and replay the full duration of the test flow. This means there are now no video limits in Android or iOS.

📄 Documentation

We've revamped and vastly extended all of our documentation. See all our docs at

the new

🧪 Test Creator Read View

Our development approach is highly iterative, which means we typically build and ship basic versions of features to validate our learning before we deliver the full feature.

This process has been especially helpful for building Test Creator. We've now shipped a read-only version of the no-code steps view.

an early version of Moropo Test Creator steps view, currently read-only

🖥️ UX Improvements

July's version of Moropo includes dozens of UX improvements. Many of these are focused on increasing the usability of the automated test scheduler. For example, the test selection screens now include an "All" button which will select all available tests at the time of the test run. This means you can modify your suite of tests without worrying about breaking your schedule configuration.

This functionality now also exists for devices and builds giving users the power to optimise and refine each schedule.

Test Schedule "All Devices/Tests/Builds"

✅ Free Maestro YAML Validator

We made a free web tool to validate Maestro YAML.

Try it yourself on the Moropo Website

🐛 100s Bug Fixes + Android Cloud

Every month our internal quality assurance process tightens up and as a result, we discover and fix increasing amounts of bugs across a wide array of use cases. The big focus this month has been on our Android emulator cloud setup.

Tests are most valuable when they return quickly. However, tests are typically "spikey" and are run at varying intensity throughout the software development workflow.

To encompass both these truths, we've built cloud infrastructure that dynamically scales to 100s of virtual devices in seconds. This allows Moropo to return blazingly fast test result times without needing to maintain always-on server infrastructure.

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Tom Riglar
Jul 21, 2023

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