Moropo March Release - real time dashboard, async app uploads and more

Today, we're announcing a new release of Moropo for March. This release includes an improved issue explorer, real time dashboard updates, async app uploads and a whole load more. Since February's Early Access Launch we've had amazing feedback from our customer community which has enabled the team to progress very quickly with new features.

Ready? Let's get stuck in 👇

📱 Improved Issue Explorer

⌚️ Real Time Dashboard Updates

Test runs are now fully real time compatible meaning you never need to refresh Moropo to see the

⤴️ Async App Uploads

Tired of waiting for large APK or IPA files to upload? This Moropo release adds async app uploading so you can continue using Moropo without needing to wait for the upload to finish. Simply perform the upload using the UI as normal and go about your business.

📽️ Faster Video Playback

Fed of up needing to scrub or skip to the start of your test playback? Moropo now intelligently detects the start of your test video playback and skips straight to it - bypassing repetitive device loading screens.

NB - it's still easy to review device loading if you wish to, simple scrub back in the video timeline.

🤡 Better Demo Apps

Moropo has always provided demo apps for users to test out the product features before needing to upload their own apps. We've taken steps to make these apps more representative of the full power of Moropo including more robust demo flows and a quicker onboarding time.

👩🏽 Smoother Account Initialisation

Registration, login and inviting a team member have been improved with more robust error message reporting and more guidance for edge cases.

💬 Slack Support for Ad-Hoc Tests

If you are using Moropo's Slack integration to notify your team of automatically triggered test runs, then Moropo will now also notify for manually triggered ad-hoc runs.

📈 Performance Improvements

  • It's now quicker and easier to raise support tickets directly from the Moropo dashboard.
  • APK upload to Device Pool now only uploads on when different.
  • Expo EAS onboarding screen automatically bypassed for test runs.
  • Tests are directly clickable, no longer hidden behind menu.
  • Improved stability for test runs with 5+ devices.
  • Easier subscription UX

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Slack now connects across all environments.
  • Test result statuses are now aligned at the top level report.
  • Tests now reload correctly when browser is refreshed.
  • GitHub integration no longer times out for some users.
  • Reset password emails now render correctly for all standard clients.
  • Manually trigger tests are named properly.
  • Run durations are now more accurate.

Upgrading to latest version

Existing subscribers are automatically upgraded and all tests and data are backwards compatible. If you run into any issues, just contact your dedicated account manager who will be happy to help.

Tom Riglar
Mar 8, 2023

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